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Fiera Rho Pero This area is dedicated to the opportunities for investment in the area of the New Fiera Milano exhibition complex in Rho-Pero. Here you find downloadable graphics and documents. You can also accede to specific real estate products.


Investment opportunities in the Expo 2015 area

Expò 2015 is an event able to determinate big positive effects over the local economic system development. Studies on the tendential sceneries underline particular positive effects in the real-estate sector in the Northern Milan area.

This portal Fierarhopero.com proposes the research made by Erif Due Diligence (a real-estate consulting company) where emerge the sceneries which could happen in the real estate market in the Milan area and its province, in the period from now and 2015.

Analisi crescita stimata prezzi Milano (dal 2008 al 2015)

Erif Due Diligence on the basis of a survey made by the Chamber of Commerce (through Osmi-Borsa Immobiliare)
and FIMAA Milano, made over a hundred of real estate business agents.

Analisi crescita stimata prezzi Provincia di Milano (dal 2008 al 2015)

These data supply a prevision of a raise in price for real estates both in Milan and in its province (respectively 7% and 5%). These price increases would be influenced by the prospective of Expo 2015, exclusively.

The graphic beneath summarizes the estimate trend of the real estate sector over the next years, through the use of a Real estate interest index (composed by both the price increases and the increasing of the buying and selling.

Three different phases emerge:
1st phase(2008/2009): prices stabilization
• 2nd phase (2010/2011): starting of the prices revaluation due to the finalization of the first infrastructural                                         works and a light increase of the transactions
3rd phase (2012/2016): evidence of Expo positive effects until 2015 and more

Crescita del mercato immobiliare prevista

For a detailed analysis download Erif Due Diligence report:
MILANO EXPO 2015 - L'Evento ed i riflessi sul Mercato Immobiliare della zona limitrofa [ SCARICA IL PDF ]

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